September 18, 2009
New St. Petersburg company meets a growing need with a simple and effective way to secure a boat placed on a boat lift with The Boat Lift Security System.

Paul Wentworth, Sr. walked out to his boat lift one morning in February and was met with a shock – no boat on the lift. His 38-foot Fountain had been lowered into the water in the night and thieves had cruised away quietly into the bay while Paul slept. Wentworth was inspired by his misfortune to prevent future boat theft and asked Ed Nacey, a friend with a background in electronics, to design a simple, affordable and effective solution to the problem. “We needed something that would make it difficult to get the boat off the lift, as that is the only way to protect it.”

Wentworth’s first-hand experience became the inspiration behind Boat Lift Security Systems, a new company in St. Petersburg, Florida that has developed a simple and affordable device that secures boat lifts. This security system can be installed in minimal time by a licensed electrician and prevents boats from being lowered into the water, disappointing would-be thieves.

With an economy in recession and a vast number of boats available in the Tampa Bay area, it’s no surprise that boat theft has been on the rise. Many boat owners are unaware just how vulnerable their boat is on the boat lift. Boat thieves simply have to lower the boat into the water, cut any restraining straps and motor away.

This security system isn’t detectable on the lift, and once installed, it limits all power to the lift if activated. If anyone tries to operate the lift without proper access, the lift shuts down and activates an alarm and flashing light, leaving the boat safely in the air and on the lift. If the would-be thief can’t get the boat into the water, they can’t steal it. The Boat Lift Security System can even be incorporated into any home security system so that not only will the alarm sound and lights illuminate, it can also be wired to alert the home security monitoring service.

Having a Boat Lift Security System installed will finally provide boat owners with valuable peace of mind, knowing their vessel is secure. It may also offer a reduction in insurance costs many insurance plans have large deductibles regarding theft, and it can be the owner’s responsibility to recover the vessel.