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Necessity is the Mother of Invention.

Last February, a group of friends and avid fishermen were confronted with a problem. One of them had a 38-foot center console stolen off the lift behind his home. This affected the entire group, as everyone felt vulnerable to this type of crime. Their own boats were sitting on lifts either behind their homes or in a marina. They wondered, how could they secure their boats from theft while they sat on the lift? And Boat Lift Security Systems was born.


Ed Nacey was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, and received his degree in Electronics from Allegheny Tech, laying the foundation for a 38-year career in the elevator industry. In 2001, the lure of the water, sunshine, blue sky and fishing were too much to resist, so Ed and his wife Darlene moved to St. Petersburg, FL, where Ed fishes offshore with his friends almost every weekend. His background in electronics provided the know-how and talent needed to invent Boat Lift Security Systems. Ed manufactured and installed the first units for his friends, giving them the peace of mind of knowing their boat was secured from theft. Now, he is making the same successful Boat Lift Security System available to the public.

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Mike Wansley, a native of Orlando, FL, started his career with Acousti Engineering, learning the business and helping to boost sales. After 4 years, he joined Architectural Specialties, another overhead door distributor. Six years later, Mike and three friends used their experience to start their own company, American Roll Up Door. Nearly 30 years ago, the business led him to open an office in Tampa. He is now Vice President of the firm, which is one of the largest overhead doors distributors in the United States. Mike now lives on the water in St. Petersburg, FL with a 34-foot Yellowfin Center Console on his boat lift, which he often takes out with fishing buddy and partner, Ed Nacey. With three 250 outboard motors, the boat is a popular target of thieves. So Mike finds he can relax knowing that he has their very first Boat Lift Security System installed on his lift.

Paul N. Wentworth Sr. grew up in a small town just outside of Rochester, NH. After serving in the United States Air Force from 1966 to 1970, he went on to become a chef. In 1971, he married his wife Jeanne and they have 3 children. Paul and Jeanne purchased 25% of their first restaurant in 1972. Today they own 9 fast food restaurants in New Hampshire. Their love of warm weather and the sea brought them to FL in 2000, where they boat, fish, and spend most of their time with their boating and fishing friends, such as partner Ed Nacey. Paul became a part of Ed’s Boat Lift Security Systems from the start and sleeps well at night knowing his boat is safe on the lift.